Will you be participating in the HAADD Challenge?

Will you be participating in the HAADD Challenge and come in crazy baby costumes

Upcoming Events

Fun Run & Picnic

Join us for a fund-raising run week and an end-of-week picnic to celebrate your efforts.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know whether you will be coming to the HAADD Challenge final picnic in September by responding to the poll on the left-hand side of this page below the site navigation menu. The approximate attendance is necessary for us to know as we need to plan how much food to obtain for the picnic. Thank you!

Picnic Map (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Challenge Supporters

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May 17, 2012: Judy Loman-Umbrico has stepped down from her temporary president position and Evguenia Ignatova has now been made the new president of HAADD.

May 22, 2012: Paula Kaston, who was in charge of handling Membership, has resigned from the HAADD board due to personal reasons. We are saddened by her leave and wish her all the best. She has been an invaluable addition to our team.

June 23, 2012: Announcing a new program for adults with ASD!
Reach Toronto is organizing several programs for adult individuals on the autism spectrum.
For more information, visit www.reachtoronto.ca/programs.html